Welcome to Tradition

In 1802, John Archer Jr. constructed a log cabin on the northeast corner of Main and Franklin Streets. It was out of this log cabin that Archer operated the “Sign of the Crossed Keys Tavern”. Historical records indicate that village and township political bodies conducted business and frequently met at John Archer Jr.’s. Archer also assumed the responsibility of local Postmaster, which he ran from his tavern. Not only was Archer’s a center for local business, but it was a stopping point for many out of town travelers. Legend indicates that guests of the tavern included Louis Phillip, son of the King of France, the Prince of Joinville and General William Henry Harrison, who would later become the 9th President of the United States. Although the tavern was a business center, its main purpose was to act as a gathering place for members of the community to socialize, relax and meet friends and family while enjoying a hot meal and a cold beverage. Now,  now more than 200 years after John Archer Jr. established his tavern, Scott, Mike and Dan welcome you to the new “Archer’s Tavern”. We are confident that you will find good food, a cold drink and the perfect place to meet with friends and family.